Monday, 15 January 2018


King Records 1971

01 The Question Mark
02 Runnin' Free
03 Love Will Make A Better You
04 Shadows Of The Mind
05 Facts About It All

This Japanese 'super session' style album was orchestrated by Ikuzo Orita. Guitar freak hero Kimio Mizutani has a role on this, as does pop vocalist Akira Fuse.

Eighteen minutes of "The Question Mark" take up the whole of side one. It's a marvellous avant freak out while the second side has burning solos, acid funk and a James Brown sound, albeit Japanese and heavily psychedelic.


Spider Records 1971

01 Diodo
02 Metamorphosis
03 Microchaos
04 Compression
05 Equilibrium
06 Dipnoi
07 Distillation
08 Violence
09 Equivalence
10 Psycho-Nebulous

Originally issued in 1971, this Italian library record was used for Jess Franco's film 'Countess Perverse'.

Psychedelic Euro fuzz library music.

French cover art.

Italian cover art.


Jolly Roger Recordings 1993

01 Slide Away
02 Gravity Grave
03 One Way To Go
04 South Pacific
05 Already There
06 She's A Superstar

Between 1992 and 1994, Verve were releasing some of the finest psych in the UK.

This live release from 1993 was for the American market. 1000 copies were pressed onto transparent blue vinyl, but 300 of these were destroyed in transit making this extremely rare.

Thursday, 14 December 2017


01 Thorsten Schmidt - Hereford Wakes Main Title
02 Filthy Huns - Fake Ass Muthas
03 The Free Spirits - Sunday Telephone
04 Professor & Roots Radics - Combination
05 Phoenician Drive - Fat Bill
06 Egisto Macchi - Un Cadavere Sotto La Neve
07 Gene Clark - Back Street Mirror
08 The Mamas & The Papas - Somebody Groovy
09 The Heartwood Institute - Witchdrone
10 Broadcast - Valerie
11 Aphex Twin - Xtal
12 Sibylle Baier - Driving
13 Daphne Oram - Four Aspects

Winter comp. Hope you can keep warm and enjoy.


Don't Trust The Ruin 2010

01 Oh My Child
02 Creepin' Crazy Time
03 Ringers In The Fold
04 She-Wander(er)
05 Reverse Hymnal
06 This Is Record, OK?
07 Airaid Air Raid
08 ... Is All We Have
09 Waiting Is ...
10 Song For RO-HE-GE
11 Coming Home Pt. III
12 Moo-Hoo

Big Blood are a "Phantom four piece of Asian Mae, Caleb Mulkerin, Rose Philistine and Colleen Kinsella perform only as a duo."

They make wonderful homespun psych folk with some noise and plenty of experimentation. It's been a favourite for some time and is a good winter listen.

It's also available from the Free Music Archive, you can download here.


CBS 1972

01 Paternoster
02 Realization
03 Stop These Lines
04 Blind Children
05 Old Danube
06 The Pope Is Wrong
07 Mammoth Opus O

Paternoster were an Austrian band around between 1970 to 1972. They had a krautrock/prog sound and only recorded this one album, with very few copies being released.

The music is what you would expect of a guitar led band with that genre description to sound like, but the atmosphere of this record is wonderful. It's a real oppressive downer vibe and another nice winter listen.

Originally released on CBS, recent years have seen several re-issues on Now-Again Records and Ohrwaschl Records.

Monday, 6 November 2017


Ayna 1974 / Cinedelic Records 2015

01. Perquisizione
02. Un Cadavere Sotto La Neve
03. Inseguimento
04. Nucleo Mobile
05. Prime Luci
06. Complici
07. Entr'acte
08. Cani Poliziotti
09. Sommozzatori
10. Interrogatorio
11. Azione Notturna
12. Motovedette

Haven't posted any Egisto Macchi in some time, so here's a recently acquired soundtrack to a 70's Italian cop show.

More cohesive and less avant garde than some of the self produced library records, this is still way more left of field than say Lalo Schifrin (whose movie scores I love).

There is even a touch of what Mica Levi would explore in the excellent 'Under the Skin' soundtrack.