Wednesday, 28 September 2016


Creepy Powers 2011

01. Trader Horne - Jenny May
02. Leslie Duncan - Love Song
03.Third Ear Band -  Fleance
04. Ithica - Questions: Did You Know? / Will We Be Alive
05. Carol of Harvest - Somewhere At The End Of The Rainbow
06. Mellow Candle - Reverand Sisters
07. Pink Floyd - Julia Dream
08. Extradition - A Moon Song
09. Principal Edwards Magic Theatre - Asmoto Celebration
10. Yoon Youn Sun - Starting Tomorrow
11. Susan Christie - Paint a Lady
12. Jean Luc Roudiere - Sweet Caroline
13. Bridget Saint John - It Seems Very Strange


Durium 1971

01. From Another Planet
02. Radagacuca
03. One Morning
04. Watchin' You
05. Like A Place In The Sun
06. Feel The Wind Blow
07. Coc'O Mary

The second album from Brainticket. Originally released in Italy and then on the Bellaphon label the year after. Less straight ahead organ grooves and more space rock and ambience.


01. Krokodil - Stehaufmädchen 1
02. Black Uhuru - Guess Who's Coming to Dinner
03. DJ Shadow - Bergschrund
04. Alessandro Alessandroni - Suor Omicidi (Killer Nun) Sequence 4
05. Junlinko - Spell
06. Muddy Waters - Tom Cat
07. The Sound of Feeling - Hurdy Gurdy Man
08. Velvet Crush - White Soul
09. Asteriadh - Paei Ki Auth Kuriakh
10. Macarbre - Be Forwarned
11. Alain Gorageur - Deshominisation (I)
12. PEACE!! - I Have Got No Money
13. Reload - Peschi
14. Bill Wells Octet Vs. Future Pi - No Funerals This Morning
15. Power Mystery - Folks Alone

I completed my summer mixtape last month, I thought I should post it before the Autumn kicks in.

Wednesday, 31 August 2016


Limelight 1968

01. Hurdy Gurdy Man
02. Hex
03. Up Into Silence
04. The Time Has Come For Silence
05. Along Came Sam
06. The Sound Of Silence
07. Spleen
08. Mixolydian Mode (From The Microcosmos, Book II)

I came to this intrigued to hear a version of Donovan's 'Hurdy Gurdy Man'. That didn't disappoint. What I wasn't prepared for was forty minutes of prime avant garde psychedelic jazz. A total trip.


Creepy Powers 2011

01. The Folklords - Jennifer Lee
02. Steeleye Span - One Night As I Lay In My Bed
03. Asteriadh - Paei Ki Auth Kuriakh
04. Carol Kleyn - Street Song
05. Unknown - Reflections
06. These Trails - Of Broken Links
07. Breakout - Powiedzielismy Juz Wszystko
08. The Trees - Psalm 45
09. Comus - In the Lost Queen's Eyes
10. Tim Hollier - Evening Song
11. Aphrodites Child - The Wedding Of The Lamb
12. Aphrodites Child - The Capture Of The Beast
13. Adagio - All Around
14. Extradition - I Feel the Sun

With the Esoterica Britannica series coming to an end, we set off with another series. 'In the Lost Queens Eyes' is a five part various artists compilation, delving even further into the outer realms and lost woods of psych folk.

This series comes to us courtesy of Creepy Powers, a wonderful (although sadly on hiatus) music blog which has served me some excellent rare cuts and inspiration.

The series will see the year out, so sit back and and listen to the woods.

Psychfolk is a nine letter word!


Hallejuah 1971

01. Black Sand
02. Places of Light
03. Brain Ticket (Part One)
04. Brain Ticket (Part One - Conclusion)
05. Brain Ticket (Part Two)

Dug this out recently...a few of you will know this, some will not. Early and obscure(ish) European mixed Krautrock. The band made a few decent albums, but the title tracks side long trip is the real deal. Check it out.

Tuesday, 26 July 2016


St Germain Des Pres 1971

01. Chambre Anachronique
02. Nouvelles Planètes
03. Appel Spatial
04. Moduule Lunaire
05. Capsule en Panne
06. Forme Planétaire
07. Gare Spatiale
08. Extra-Terrestre
09. Limite Extrême
10. Nébuleuses
11. Bande Radioactive

Its nice to see an artist get the reissue treatment they deserve. Cinedelic have recently released 'Biologia Animale E Vegetale'. Hopefully a series will reveal its self soon.

In the meantime, here's 'Futurissimo' from 1971. If you're unfamiliar, check out previous posts.

Otherwise go straight to the best avant garde, sound collage, improvised library music via comments.