Monday, 6 November 2017


Ayna 1974 / Cinedelic Records 2015

01. Perquisizione
02. Un Cadavere Sotto La Neve
03. Inseguimento
04. Nucleo Mobile
05. Prime Luci
06. Complici
07. Entr'acte
08. Cani Poliziotti
09. Sommozzatori
10. Interrogatorio
11. Azione Notturna
12. Motovedette

Haven't posted any Egisto Macchi in some time, so here's a recently acquired soundtrack to a 70's Italian cop show.

More cohesive and less avant garde than some of the self produced library records, this is still way more left of field than say Lalo Schifrin (whose movie scores I love).

There is even a touch of what Mica Levi would explore in the excellent 'Under the Skin' soundtrack.


Crash Landing 1987

01. Coming Home
02. Solar Wind
03. Wayfaring Stranger
04. Grasshopper Pie
05. Cascade
06. Nature's Way
07. Wild Mountain River
08. Amazing Grace
09. Sliding
10. I'll Get it All Together if I Try

I got this cassette a while ago and I've been meaning to post for some time.

Don Reeve's 'Nature's Way' is an hour long guitar soli album with two tracks of flute. It's more new age than most of the solo guitar records I post here, but the reverb and vibe (combined with the tape damage) give it a strange, ethereal air.

This would really benefit from a remaster and re-issue!


Edition Hundertmark 1986

01. You are My Everlovin'
02. Celestial Power

Time for some cognitive nihilism; two cassette sides of modern classical, avant garde drone.

Henry Flynt reaches far out and beyond on the A Side; 'You are My Everlovin' is a transcendental violin and loops composition. Absolutely Stunning.

'Celestial Power' on the other side is a more punishing affair. Imagine if Les Rallizes Dénudés made drone records and you're about there.

Tuesday, 10 October 2017


01. Weyes Blood and The Dark Juices - Storms That Breed
02. Jelly Bean Bandits - Generation
03. Paper Dollhouse - Did You Wake
04. The Peanut Butter Conspiracy - Too Many Do
05. Pye Corner Audio - We Have Visitors
06. Grouper - Hollow Press
07. Vandiver & Fahey - Take This Hammer
08. Group 1850 - Steel Sings
09. Moon Phantoms - Dance of the Moon Phantoms
10. Turid - Bilder
11. T. Swift & The Electric Bag - Expo In Sound
12. Sunflower - All In Good Time

This 2012 offering is like a rainy day lost to heavy weed. Dark psych with ominous downer but comfortable settings.


01. The Iditarod - The Roots Of The Butterfly Bush
02. Pete Fine - Revelations-Prelude-For Sam
03. These Trails - Our House In Hanalei
04. Toncho Pilatos - Blind Man (Hombre Chiego)
05. Bobby Beausoleil - Movement The Second
06. David Stoughton - Saving For a Rainy Day
07. Chrysalis - April Grove
08. The Wizards From Kansas - Flyaway Days
09. Magic Lantern - Vampires In Heat
10. Pauline Oliveros - Watertank Software
11. Paul Giovanni & Magnet - Willow's Song
12. Perry Leopold - Experiment In Metaphysics
13. Ed Askew - Mr. Dream
14. Holderlin - Waren Wir
15. Okkulte Stimmen - Jack Sutton In Trance

To round off this month, two seasonal releases of yore. The first from 2010; loosely Halloween themed, Autumnal feel, heavy on the dark psych.


Dedicated 1993

01. Smiles (Live)
02. 100 Bars (Acapella)

Transparent 7" flexi disc. Available only fan club members.

That brings our post Spacemen 3 exploration to an end. Hope you enjoyed.


Silvertone Records

01. Indian Summer
02. Baby Don't You Worry (California Lullaby)
03. It's Alright
04. True Love Will Find You in the End

The only U.K. Spectrum release in 1993 was this E.P. of covers.