Sunday, 4 March 2018

Robbie Basho - Live at Broadway United Methodist Church

Grasstops Recordings 2014

01 The Grail & The Lotus
02 Cathedrals et Fleur de lis
03 Prologue for Pavan India
04 Pavan India (Pavan Hindustan)
05 Claire de Lune (California version)

Between 2013 and 2016, Grasstops Recordings embarked on a remaster and reissue series of Robbie Basho releases. 

Original albums like 'Rainbow Thunder' and 'Visions of the Country' received beautiful treatments; although these were only released in small numbers, both the sound quality and artwork were gorgeous.

Alongside these were new archival releases; home demos and live recordings. Whole new albums such as 'Portrait of Basho as a Young Dragoon 1967-69' saw release and the Grass-Tops Soundcloud put out compilations of demos and live tracks.

It seemed like Basho was finally receiving the care and attention his music deserved.

Along the way something went wrong and I'm not quite sure what. I had all of these on pre-order, such was my excitement at every announcement, particularly when 'Bouquet' was due for release. A message on Grass-Tops revealed that the remaster would only be available in digital, but the physical release had to scrapped, due to (unexplained) copyright issues. 'Bouquet' came out, digital only (another beautiful job) and free of charge.

No other physical releases appeared and the Grass-Tops Bandcamp disappeared alongside the Soundcloud page, taking all of the digital only material with it.

I'm not sure what happened, although I've heard rumors of S*ny interference. 

As I have stated before; one of the inspirations behind starting this blog was to make the music of Robbie Basho available again. I chose not to include the Grass-Tops remasters as Kyle Fosburgh seemed to be putting his own money (and obviously, a lot of love) into these projects.

Now, for whatever reason, these releases are unavailable again, so it's maybe time this blog saw some new Basho.

This release was a preview to the reissue of 1976's 'Art of the Acoustic Steel String Guitar 6 & 12'. A beautiful live recording featuring Robbie playing at his best.

I offer my sincere thanks to Kyle for the wonderful work he done.

I hope you don't mind.

P.S. If any reader wants to clear up the mystery in the comments, please do!

Captain Beefheart - The Legendary A&M Sessions

A&M 1984

01 Diddy Wah Diddy
02 Who Do You Think You're Fooling
03 Moonchild
04 Frying Pan
05 Here I Am I Always Am

After the retirement of Don Van Vliet, A&M compiled the first two singles together with an unreleased track for this E.P.

Both 'Diddy Wah Diddy' and 'Moonchild' were released in 1966, with 'Here I Am I Always Am' a rejected b-side for the latter.

Various Artists - 2012: Winter/Spring Psych Out

01 The Millennium - Prelude
02 Changes - Memorabilia
03 Earth Island - Seasons Of Our Lives
04 Instant Orange - The Visionary
05 Stag Hare - A Rose for the White Witch
06 Jake Whitren - A Little Bit Extra Please
07 C.A. Quintet - Trip Thru Hell (Part 2)
08 Daniel Bachman - Grey (Take Two)
09 Terenchem - Jeritan Cinta
10 Chocolate Watchband - I Ain't No Miracle Worker
11 Oriental Sunshine - Across Your Life
12 Midwinter - Waters Of Sweet Sorrow
13 Sylvester Anfang II - Na regen komt Zondvloed
14 Stenblomma - Christiania
15 Sitaar Tah! - Solo

Six year old mixtape, released for the season. A lot of obscure tracks on this one, with a few having a witchcraft feel and/or content.

Monday, 5 February 2018


Mexican Summer 2009

01 Flash Gordon
02 Bombay Calling
03 Punjab's Barber
04 Gypsy Odyssey (Performed Live At St. John's Church Christmas Eve, 1966)
05 Bouzouki Blues Experiment
06 Hungarian Stomp
07 Flash Gordon (A Practice Session)
08 Freeform Improvisation (While Watching An Experimental Underground Film)
09 Flute Player Audition (Practice Jam Session)
10 Dancing In The Park
11 Gypsy Odyssey (Practice Session)

The story of Bobby Beausoleil is well documented, but if you don't know...

Bobby traveled East at an early age and arrived in San Francisco in 1966. Here, he joined The Orkustra; a multi ethnic, psychedelic group with a range of styles and instruments. World music before the term.

Bobby Beausoleil provided guitar for this group and they played around San Francisco on the underground circuit. They played events, happenings and even soundtracked movies live.

They never entered a studio and this set represents all available recordings.

Red Lounge Records tried to compile an album in 2006 called 'Light Shows For The Blind'. It was a fine set and a great attempt at trying to 'make' an album for the band. All recordings from that record appear here, although if there is enough interest, I'll post 'Light Shows For The Blind' too.

There is some truly revolutionary stuff here, lots of improvisation and it's great psych.

This was only the first movement of Beausoleil's musical career, view the other posts from this month to find out more.


Magick Theatre Productions 1980 / White Dog Music 2005

01 Movement the First
02 Movement the Second
03 Movement the Third
04 Movement the Fourth
05 Movement the Fifth
06 Movement the Sixth

After the Orkustra, Bobby Beausoleil began playing live with a new ensemble; Bobby Beausoeil & The Magick Powerhouse of OZ. It was during this time he was approached by L.A. film maker Kenneth Anger. Anger wanted Beausoleil to appear in his upcoming film, 'Lucifer Rising'.

The casting idea soon waned, but Beausoleil stayed on to complete a soundtrack for the film.

This idea was scuppered however, when Beausoleil became involved with Charles Manson and the Family.

Beausoleil was jailed in 1970 for the murder of Gary Hinman. The death was an order from Manson and the details are a little murky. Beausoleil is still incarcerated in a California prison.

Kenneth Anger began looking for another artist to complete his soundtrack. You can read how he got on here.

Beausoleil contacted Anger from prison. He expressed his desire to finish the soundtrack, writing, rehearsing and recording it from jail.

Initially, he had parts of electronic instruments mailed to him and he constructed these in his cell. Soon, he had enough material and a willing band of inmates to help him record the music from inside.

This music is deep, dark psych. Not only one of my favorite soundtracks, but one of my favorite pieces of music. Instrumental, doomy and fantastic.

The first release was on Magick Theatre Productions in 1980, limited to 1000 copies. The version presented here is on White Dog Music from 2005. A 2 disc version was released in 2004, the second disc containing rarities that can be found on both The Orkustra compilations and on the 4 disc 'Lucifer Rising Suite' on the Anja Offensive label. If there is interest in seeing that box set on this blog, please say so in the comments.




01. Lucifer Rising

With Bobby Beausoleil now in jail (and potentially facing a death sentence) Kenneth Anger approached Led Zeppelin's Jimmy Page for a new soundtrack.

Page delivered music just short of the films running time, the pair had an argument and fell out and the soundtrack remained unreleased.

It eventually saw the light of day in 2012 on Page's 'Lucifer Rising (And Other Sound Tracks)'.

This version is the bootleg I had originally, with artwork by Lord Cornelius Plum.

Monday, 15 January 2018


King Records 1971

01 The Question Mark
02 Runnin' Free
03 Love Will Make A Better You
04 Shadows Of The Mind
05 Facts About It All

This Japanese 'super session' style album was orchestrated by Ikuzo Orita. Guitar freak hero Kimio Mizutani has a role on this, as does pop vocalist Akira Fuse.

Eighteen minutes of "The Question Mark" take up the whole of side one. It's a marvellous avant freak out while the second side has burning solos, acid funk and a James Brown sound, albeit Japanese and heavily psychedelic.