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Eigelstein Musikproduktion 1985/De Campo Records 1988

01. Christian Bollmann, Doris Zeman, Gerd Kappelhoff, Helmut Scherner, Jochan Vetter,
      Roberto Laneri, Stephanie Wolf - Invocations                        
02. Dario Domingues - Pacha Siku 
03. Pauline Oliveros - Watertank Software
04. Budi Siebert & Joe Koinzer - Trüffeltanz
05. Jochen Vetter, Doris Zeman, Gerd Kappelhoff, Helmut Scherner - Praevocationes
06. Dario Domingues - The Spirit of the Wind
07. Pauline Oliveros - The Gentle (Short Version)
08. Budi Siebert - Wal-Hall-A
09. Saxophon Mafia - Kellerdschungel
10. Conrad Bauer - Bötz
11. Butz Dahn, Michael Hohler, Wolfgang Hamm - Unter Der Stadt
12. Heiner Goebbels - Ein Vorfilm Für Herbert Achternbusch

Twelve tracks of out there free improvisation recorded in a temporarily disused water tank. The minimal compositions perfectly exploit the incredible reverb and acoustics of this unique recording location resulting in total organic avant garde ambient.

From the liner notes of the reissue :

"In December 1984 musicians from different countries and the 'Tanzforum der Oper/Köln' met in the almost 100 years old drinking watertank (Wasserspeicher) SEVERIN (which had been emptied for refurbishment) located on the southside of Cologne for an exceptional music and dance project. The recordings of this CD testify for the unique acoustics of the subterraneous colonnade. All takes have only been recorded with microphones distributed throughout the tank, without using any additional studio effect equipment before it was finally flooded again (german title - vor der flut : before the flood).

Mixed at Studio Zuckerfabrik, Stuttgart; Soundexpress Studio, Köln.
Mastered at Tonstudio Bauer, Ludwigsburg."

Both the reissued cd from 1988 and the original vinyl from 1985 are out of print and hard to find.

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