Wednesday, 16 January 2013


Gemelli 1975

01. Per Cembalo
02. Kleines Dachauer Requiem
03. Lamento
04. Computers
05. Quintetto Seriale
06. Allunage

Due to the popularity of the previous Egisto Macchi post, here is another slice of dark, Italian avant garde.

Again released on the Gemelli label, "Sei Composizioni" is more even further left field than "Voix". There is no sweetner here, "Per Cembalo" opens the album with what sounds like a harpsichord being abused. This is merely a palette cleanser for the stunning "Kleines Dachauer Requiem". Ten minutes of choral voices, alternating between chattering, singing, whispering before giving way to a cacophony of metallic percussion. Terrifying.

"Lamento" has the ominous soundtrack quality reminiscent of earlier works and "Computers" is another percussion experiment.

The beef of side two is "Quintetto Seriale". More traditionally classical than anything else here, dark corners are peered around and shadows are stepped through trying to get to the center of...what? The mystery at the heart of this music is unknowable.

"Allunage" is a peculiar ending. A choir and fuzz bass in space, kind of.

There you go, enjoy.


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Jonas said...

Sometimes the internet and the people who inhabit it can be glorious. Having recently learned the Gruppo and after hearing them, finding out that Egisto Macchi was the place to go for an experimental music lover as myself. Back in the old days, to get music that wasn't mainstream, one had to go to stores and get employees to browse huge printed catalogues, then they would try to order it and months of waiting would go buy, not to mention the extreme prices such an order would cost. And then even music only being available on vinyl, and me without a working player. But now with a few clicks, music by Egisto is right here. The opening track here reminds me of Pierre Henry (which is a compliment)