Monday, 15 July 2013


Windham Hill Records 1978

01. Green River Suite
02. Rodeo
03. Rocky Mountain Raga
04. Variations On Easter
05. Blue Crystal Fire
06. Orphan's Lament
07. Leaf In The Wind
08. Night Way
09. Elk Dreamer's Lament
10. Call On The Wind

One of my absolute favourite Basho L.P.'s. The style is generally American primitive with multi ethnic influences. A couple of piano tracks and the occasional emotive yodel.

Here's Basho himself from the liner notes :

“Visions of the Country is simply an L.P. of Guitar Paintings of the Americas and other joys. It uses the folk ballad style of some and the flowing Raga style of Hindu music to express the feeling and texture of the American Wilderness…Panoramique.”

Inexplicably still not reissued, Robbie Basho's first of two Windham Hill releases is a fine example of the need to reappraise his later period.


Anonymous said...
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Fletcher Tucker said...

I have the great honor of reissuing "visions of the country" on my record label, Gnome Life Records. LP+mp3, August 20th, 2013. Please spread the word.

itslostitsfound said...

You heard the man! Re-issue! I for one will jump at the chance of any official Basho re-release. Good work Fletcher Tucker and thank you.

Norm said...

The link doesn't seem to be functioning. Can this be re-upped on something besides .anon? Thanks

Maria said...

New link would be such a treat! Thank you. X

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