Wednesday, 22 January 2014


Self Release 2013

01. Goodbye Lalaland
02. Little Bird Cherries
03. Radonitsa
04. Pink Shorts
05. Veselka
06. Homewood
07. No Time To Hurry

This is probably my favourite music from last year. Piano, guitar, tape manipulation and found sounds. Strange, esoteric and beautiful. Imagine if Boards of Canada were a folk band from Russia.

From Bandcamp :

"Straddling these two domains - a rural, removed faith and troubled modernity - we find the barely audible music of Foresteppe (Egor Klochikhin). His most recent recordings - "No Time to Hurry" depict the faraway streets of Berdsk with an air of humbling gratitude. These are introspective instrumentals from the edge of a very welcoming Siberian forest." 

Check it out, the download is free, or pay if you wish.


Anonymous said...

Head UP!
Beginning of the end for music sharing blogs and bootleg blogs?
(It seems that bloggers 'disclaimers' will not protect them from prosecution)
See here:-
All Prince boots illegal - T.U.B.E. 101 Guitars and boot' blogs brought up and named in court ruling.

KGS said...

Itslostitsfound, can you contact me, I'd like to offer my music for you to share on your site (which is similar to the music offered here): (sorry, I knew of no other way to contact you, feel free to delete this post after you read it)

Hudson said...

Thank you for your awesome sharing of awesome music.

waxpeddler said...

This comment isn't related to this post in particular, just wanted to say how much I've enjoyed my brief dig here. Had planned a few house projects for this cold Saturday afternoon, but I'm afraid that's pretty much out the door. Thanks for sharing.