Friday, 27 June 2014


RD Records 2007 (Recorded 1967)

01. When I Walk In the Trees (La La La)
02. Sun Song Ridge
03. Dance Around the Sun
04. Bhairavi
05. Higher than a Kite
06. Alone in the Wonderland
07. All Around (Adagio)

Bonus Tracks :

08. Bamboo Mood
09. Light of Aquarius
10. Ode To Satie
11. Ocean Song
12. When I Walk In the Trees (La La La)
13. The River

This album was to be released by Warner Brothers in 1967. It's easy to see why they may have thought it wouldn't sell, but it's a shame, it was way ahead of it's time. Patrick Kilroy, Susan Graubard and Jefferey Stewart weave a mystical, raga inspired L.P. somewhere between 'Astral Weeks' and mid period Bert Jansch.

Open tunings, bells, sitar, tons of flute, heavy lyrics,'s all here.

The bonus tracks are from a KPFA-FM radio broadcast in Berkeley, recorded before the album sessions.

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