Monday, 15 December 2014


Unknown Label 1971.

1. Pacifika Rondo: The Family of the Court
2. Pacifika Rondo: A Play of Dolphins
3. Pacifika Rondo: Lotus
4. Pacifika Rondo: In Sequoia's Shade
5. Pacifika Rondo: Netzahuacoyoti Builds a Pyramid
6. Pacifika Rondo: A Hatred of the Filthy Bomb
7. Pacifika Rondo: From the Dragon Pool
8. Four Pieces For Harp: Serenade for Frank Wigglesworth
9. Four Pieces For Harp: Beverly's Troubadour Piece
10. Four Pieces For Harp: From Music for Bill and Me
11. Four Pieces For Harp: Avalokiteshvara
12. Two Pieces For Psaltery: Psalter Sonata
13. Two Pieces For Saltery : The Garden at One and a Quarter Moons
14. Music For Violin With Various Instruments: Allegro Vigoroso
15. Music For Violin With Various Instruments: Largo
16. Music For Violin With Various Instruments: Allegro Moderato

It's December, so I might as well post my favourite discovery of this year. This album is wonderous, beautiful, magical, joyus, melancholic, out there, human music.

Thanks to A Closet of Curiosities.

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