Tuesday, 17 February 2015


Bootleg 1971

01. White Light
02. Where My Love Lies Asleep
03. Because of You
04. For a Spanish Guitar
05. Tears of Rage
06. The Virgin
07. Opening Day
08. With Tomorrow
09. 1975
10. White Light

Okay, I wouldn't normally do this...but this is a re-imagining of an already released album. Plus, it's a bonus fourth album this month as the man removed one of January's entries.

Pretty much all my friends and I are HUGE Gene Clark fans. We all agree that 'No Other' is probably the best (it is a mind blowing cosmic Americana epic), but the album that splits opinion is 'White Light'.

As big a fan as I am, I find 'White Light' to be a tad over rated. For me, the problem lies in the slick, clean sound. The production is too smooth, the other musicians too precise.

I knew the songs on the record were good, so I set about making my own. Using 'Here Tonight: The White Light Demos', some unreleased stuff and of course, the original L.P. I assembled an album.

Every fan does this, but I felt this worked so well, I'd hand it out to anyone who was interested.

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