Friday, 24 April 2015


Mixtape 2015

01. The Microphones - I Want the Wind to Blow
02. Sleater Kinney - Dig Me Out
03. D+ - Super 8
04. Beat Happening - Bewitched
05. Bratmobile - Girlfriends Don't Keep
06. Love As Laughter - Stay Out of Jail
07. Bikini Kill - Rebel Girl
08. Modest Mouse - Teeth Like God's Sunshine
09. Unwound - Honourosis
10. Green River - Hanging Tree
11. Earth - An inquest Concerning Teeth
12. Mount Eerie - The Place I Live
13. Neko Case - Things That Scare Me
14. Old Time Relijun - Siren
15. Dub Narcotic Sound System - Dub Narcotic Selector Pt.1
16. The Blow - Fists Up
17. Lois -  Darvey
18. Mudhoney - Hate the Police
19. Panties - Rule This Town (You Don't)
20. Sunn O))) - Big Church

This is the first in a series of compilations made especially for It's Lost it's Found.

Here's the compiler:

"In my recurring dream one hot summer, I was ten minutes from Olympia, driving a bluebird with Calvin Johnson gazing up at the Pacific Northwest stars. We were on our way to hear some basement noise by the good guys and girls of the Evergreen state College in Olympia. We never made it, so I made this compilation instead.

Olympia is the home of K records and its founder Calvin Johnson has provided a blueprint in how to nourish, maintain and provide a network for a musical independence, which allows artists to work and communicate with the world on terms that best suits them.

Many of the bands on this compilation are K bands – The Microphones and Beat Happening being the best known.  K stands for knowledge, integrity and teenage rebellion. The shield around K has burned brightly now for over 30 years, providing a home to hundreds artists and lost souls that are connected by a D.I.Y. attitude that has had a big effect on how I and countless others view art and music and how it shapes our lives.

Other artists on this comp (all from Washington state) take in proto grunge (Green River), riot grrrl (Bikini Kill), drone metal (Earth) and ‘alternative rock’ (Modest Mouse). The music is diverse, creating many genres and sub genres that are still mutating nicely today, it is all linked by a sense of wonder at bigger things, and an urgency to take nothing for granted, to never accept the status quo. One day I hope to make it to Olympia, I hope you get there too."

- Marc Gillen.


Anonymous said...

J Simpson said...

so happy to see someone still running a blogspot blog! its important! i'd be down to make a mixtape sometime, if yr still doing things like these.

Thanks for posting!