Monday, 27 July 2015


MEA 1965

Side 1: Gene Estribou

01. You know, the One You Played Saturday Night
02. Amalgam
03. Metathanks
04. Eeeee Minor

Side 2: Jean-Paul Pickens

01. Coo Coo Bird
02. Shady Grows
03. G.R.

Well, I have been wanting to post this since the inception of this blog, never got round to it until now.

This split L.P. from '65 has two lesser known 'American Primitive' artists nicely complementing each other with six steel string guitar on the A side and banjo on the B.

Gene Estribou has a nice Fahey/Perry Leopold feel. A little Eastern, a little bluesy.

Jean-Paul Pickens, from San Franciso's Serpent Power, delivers three tracks of wonderful droning Americana.

Dead Good.

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