Friday, 28 August 2015


Candy Floss Records 1969/Sundazed Music 1995

01. Trip Thru Hell (Part I)
02. Colorado Mourning
03. Cold Spider
04. Underground Music
05. Sleepy Hollow Lane
06. Smooth As Silk
07. Trip Thru Hell (Part II)

Bonus Tracks:

08. Dr of Philosophy
09. Blow My Soul
10. Ain't No Doubt About It
11. Mickey's Monkey
12. I Put a Spell On You
13. I Shot the King
14. Fortune Teller's Lie
15. Sadie Lavone
16. Bury Me in a Marijuana Field
17. Colorado Mourning
18. Underground Music
19. Smooth as Silk

Well, not many psychedelic bands come from Minnesota. C.A. Quintet went through many line ups from 1965 until 1968, releasing a couple of singles on obscure labels along the way. By the time they recorded this album for Candy Floss in 1968, they had their sound: Mysterious, swirling psychedelia, from out of nowhere. The real treasure here is the two versions of the title track. Organ, Mariachi trumpets, death cult vocals...wonderful.

The Sundazed re-issue collects together those early singles, acetates and alternate versions. The early stuff doesn't match up to the album material but 'Bury Me in a Marijuana Field' does have a charm, and I'm surprised it hasn't became a stoner classic.

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