Friday, 29 April 2016


01. Plinth - St. Lucia's Day
02. Gravenhurst - Fog Around the Figurehead
03. One More Grain - Northern
04. Hood - Fading Hills
05. Piano Magic - I Am the Sub-Librarian
06. Jade - Fly On Strangewings
07. Spirogyra - Love is a Funny Thing
08. Bibio - Lovers' Carvings
09. Demdike Stare - Eulogy
10. Mordant Music - Another Uncompleted Drone
11. Third Eye Foundation - An Even Harder Shade of Dark
12. Chris Watson - Sumor

Volume Six was curated by Jeremy Bye.


Anonymous said...

stevedarn said...

Is there a Volume 5? Have I missed something? Great series.

Anonymous said...

Hi, thanks for your comment and for listening.

There is a Volume 5. It was different from the others as all the artists were on The Ghostbox label. It didn't feel right offering a free compilation of artists on an ongoing independent record label.

It seems a shame, it's really good! I wondered if anybody would notice...

So, apologies for the missing volume, but I hope you understand.

Anonymous said...

Thank you!

Anonymous said...

At least you can post a list with the artist and the songs? Thanks!

J Simpson said...

plinth and demdike stare on the same mix! an interesting exploration of post-hauntology/post-dubstep aesthetics.