Monday, 31 October 2016


Self Released 2003

01. Grand Canyon Of The Yellowstone
02. Charlie Fang's Blues
03. Soul Sucked Dry
04. Memories Of The Fox Headed Boy
05. Night Time Vineyards
06. Red Rag
07. Apologia, Pt. 1 (For K.P.)

The debut album of James Blackshaw. First released as a handout cdr burned by the artist and given a posh looking reissue on Bladud Flies! in 2014.

Fans will be aware that James Blackshaw announced an "indefinite hiatus" from playing live and a performance in Hastings in August seems to have been his last.

Unfortunately, I never got to see this amazing artist live, but will continue to support his music. Any posts on this blog are out of print.


Anonymous said...

Just so you know, Apologia is available as a download on James Bradshaw's Bandcamp for £6.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, noted.