Monday, 23 January 2017


This months posts are dedicated to Jaki Liebezeit.

01. Full Moon On the Highway
02. Vernal Equinox
03. Hunters and Collectors
04. Transcendental Express
05. Private Nocturnal
06. Midnight Men
07. Ibis

Opinions differ over the 1975 offering from Can; 'Landed' certainly feels like the first album that isn't flat out great. The band made a lot recordings in 1975 and this was an attempt to assemble an alternative album from that period.

'Full Moon on the Highway' and 'Hunters and Collectors' are from the original 'Landed' album.

'Transcendental Express' and 'Ibis' are from 'Unlimited Edition'.

'Private Nocturnal' and ' Midnight Men' are from 'The Lost Tapes'.

'Vernal Equinox' is a live recording from 'The Old Grey Whistle Test', broadcast on thee BBC, 1975.


Anonymous said...

Siphonophoros said...

As all these guys are shuffled off one by one into the other room, and we gradually take up their vacated positions, I can't help feeling lost, and sad. Who are we to look up to now? I guess that's how they felt, at a much younger age, growing up after the war, fatherless. Pfff..

Thanks for the tunes.

Buns O'Plenty said...

great blog! I have you on my two blogrolls, thanks again

kingpossum said...

Great concept well executed. Thank you for putting it together. Thanks too to @Siphonophoros for the well spoken lament for heroes lost.

itslostitsfound said...

Thanks everyone for your comments, Can heads all.

zigzagwanderer said...

Many thanks for this & your 'Can Rare' comps , there is no such thing as too much Can .....