Monday, 2 April 2018

The Byrds - Universal Mind Decoder

Bootleg 1968

01. Artificial Energy
02. Goin' Back
03. Triad
04. Natural Harmony
05. Draft Morning
06. Wasn't Born To Follow
07. Lady Friend
08. Old John Robertson
09. Get To You
10. Tribal Gathering
11. Change Is Now
12. Dolphin's Smile

Dig the Byrds? Like DIY albums? Then this is for you.

I've made re-imagined versions of most of the Byrds albums, this is essentially a reworking of "The Notorious Byrd Brothers", my favorite L.P. of theirs.

There isn't too much change to be fair; 'Space Odyssey' has been removed to make way for two tracks left off the final running order.

'Triad' was voted down by Hillman and McGuinn in favour of 'Goin' Back', a move that angered Crosby as he thought original compositions should precedence over cover versions.

'Lady Friend' was left off because of it's poor sales as a single prior to the album. Unbelievable really; the song is one of their greatest and most ambitious.


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