Friday, 1 June 2018

Robbie Basho - Home Again 1978

Grass-Tops Recordings 2016

01 The Butterfly of Wonder
02 Ride the Buffalo
03 Omar Khayyam Country
04 Memorial
05 Joseph (of the Nez Perce)
06 Roses and Gold
07 The Polish Rider
08 Call on the Wind
09 Across The Great Divide
10 American Sunday

One of the high lights of the Grass-Tops Records releases was this album's worth of demos, recorded by Basho himself at home in 1978.

Recorded while Basho didn't have a record deal (he would sign with Windham Hill Records later that year), this posthumous release shows how 1977-1983 was one of Robbie's most creative periods. 


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i guess i missed this one a couple years ago - thanks a lot! stoked!

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yes, like aarg said! thanks!