Monday, 21 October 2019

Barbara, The Gray Witch

DEA Records 1969/70

01 Modern Witchcraft
02 Witchcraft Facts
03 Witchcraft Surprises
04 Childhood Questions
05 Adult Questions
06 Witchcraft Tests
07 Contacting Spirits
08 Doe-Dee
09 Be Cool
10 Black Witchcraft
11 Me-O-Me
12 Black Necessities
13 Demayo-Demío
14 Black Occult
15 Domé
16 White Witchcraft
17 Shamoo-Ra
18 Gray Witchcraft
19 Witch's Love Song
20 Gray Responsibilities

Occultism, wicca, black magic and the like had a bit of a renaissance in the late sixties. As Westerners looked in darker corners for soul satisfaction, spiritual guidance or new highs, a flood of witchcraft products came through.

Barabara, The Gray Witch was one of several albums released by a witch or other occultist. The difference is that this one is pretty good.

There is only a couple of musical moments on here; this is a spoken word instructional album. Barbara gives us a potted history and a bit of guidance, all interesting stuff.

'Witch's Love Song' is the only 'song' here. A simple repeated rhyme with some electronic backing.

If you have interest in this area, you will be interested in this.

It's also worth noting, this L.P. is as rare as hen's teeth!


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A big heads up for this one, thank you. Cracking blog by the way, keep shining n smiling n posting, wicca style