Thursday, 23 August 2012


Ankh Records 1968

01. Song Of A Gypsy
02. Poor Poor Genie
03. Don't You Feel Me
04. Did You Ever
05. Funky Funky Blues
06. Do You
07. The Night
08. I Feel Your Love
09. Bird Fly So High
10. The Road Of Life

I recently span 'Don't You Feel Me' at a party. Enquiries of origin ensue.

Rare as fuck.



A private press release from the west coast, it's impossible to obtain an original copy. Real rare psychedelic funk that lives up to the hype. Fuzz guitar, wicked drums, finger cymbals, deep bass and some real soul vocals. Smoky groove.

"Tranced out gypsy Arabian acid fuzz crooner psych with deep mysterious vocals, an amazing soundscape and excellent songwriting." - Acid Archives.

I can't really add much more to that, other than who would of thought that psych and crooning would make such a good match? Also, how can a record that has a member that only plays finger cymbals be bad?

Check out those drums.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful album. Thanks for downloading. Greetings from Greece

nick said...

That dude is definitely the Hendrix of finger cymbal players. Thank you for this.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the turn on!

Lon said...

Hi, can you re-up the link. Would appreciate it.
Thank you.