Thursday, 23 August 2012


Gemelli 1970

07.À Plein Gosier
08.La Memoire
09.La Calme
10.Le Cauchemard
11.Chanson De La Nuit
12.Chanson Du Matin

A brief introduction to library/production music - Unlike popular or classical music production companies, music production libraries own all of the copyright of their music. A composer would create music on a work for hire basis, hand over the results to the production company and they could then license it without the composer’s permission.

This music is generally used for film, television and advertising.

It is, however, of interest to lovers alternative music.

In return for handing over permission to use the recordings, the artist could record whatever they wanted. (and without the pressure from record companies, labels etc to come up with commercially viable product) Perhaps a new musical direction doesn’t fit with the record label, a soundtrack composer may have an idea but no film to work on or the artist may wish to record something that’s downright freaky.

My favourite library album is Voix by Egisto Macchi. It was Macchi’s first library record and was released on the Gemelli label in 1970. The label specialised in the avant garde and only pressed 500 copies of each album.

The music is sparse, percussion heavy and ominous. Light is glimpsed occasionally with choir and piano only for the menace to return with scraping noises, thundering percussion and fuzz bass.

Dark, humorous, scary, haunting and truly wonderful.

A masterpiece of Italian classical avant garde.

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