Monday, 12 November 2012


Shifty Disco 1999

Disc 1 :

01. @!Syde - It Exists
02. Third Eye Foundation - A Galaxy Of Scars
03. Talisman & Hudson - Leaving Planet Earth
04. Mao - The Hare And The Wood
05. Desert - Voices
06. Luke Slater - Filter 2
07. Faultline - Papercut
08. Pablo's Eye - Opina
09. Boards Of Canada - Telephasic Workshop
10. The Bill Wells Octet vs. Future Pilot A.K.A. - No Funerals This Morning

Disc 2 :

01. Plastikman - Locomotion
02. Les Rhytmes Digitales - Kontakte
03. Jonny L - Intasound
04. Caustic Window - AFX 114
05. Patric Catani - Snuff Out
06. Inner Sleeve - Can't Get Home
07. Mogwai - Tracey
08. Leila - Underwaters (One For Keni)
09. Discordia - Discordians Get Creative
10. Spearmint - A Trip Into Space
11. ISAN - Vosill

"In the early hours of the morning, the world changes. With 4Later, so does the television. The Trip, the first in a new line of ambient T.V. series designed for the last moments of the night, takes decades of space footage and rebuilds it as dreams. 4Later takes television past and present and replicates it for a different state of mind. The Trip is the space program you've been waiting for. 4Later, Thursdays to Sundays from around midnight to sometime later."

- Stevan Keane, Commissioning Editor, Nightime, Channel 4.

That is, to say, in 1999 Channel Four started making programs for people on drugs. The Trip was the best of those programs, although I also enjoyed Exploitica and whatever late night trashy movie was on.
The Trip was a collage of recently released to the public NASA films set to contemporary electronic music. It is the brainchild of producer Jacques Peretti.

 The soundtrack album features music from the first series and works well as a sampler of electronic music from that period. There was an even less talked about second series, which in my opinion, was even better. It had a broader audio and visual base but neither has been released commercially. Below is a clip from an episode from the second series.

As a post script, it was during an episode of the second series that I first heard Electrelane, and for that I am eternally grateful.


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