Sunday, 16 December 2012


Private Press 1974

01. Revelation/Prelude/For Sam
02. Meditations
03. Looking Ahead
04. Sunrise
05. Life
06. Moo
07. Bijinkies
08. Rita

Pete Fine was the guitarist in heavy psychedelic rock band The Flow when he envisioned a semi classical, psych concept album. In 1974, after the break up of his band, he would make it.

Originally a private press release of 100 copies, "On a Day of Crystaline Thought" is a unique record of wonderful ambition. The first side is essentially a concept suite, passing through movements with 12 string guitar, timpanis, string sections and beautiful harmonies.

"All beings are universes eternal and thought never dies but forms a vast kingdom of one."

So goes the refrain of side 1. Right on.

Side 2 has a more psychedelic feel, with acid folk and hippie folk thrown in the mix.

It's a real shame this record isn't more well  known. It did have an extremely limited C.D. issue on the Shadoks label in 2000 but still remains relatively obscure.

Lofty conceptual lyrics about reality and the universe, choral vocals, an acid folk vibe, 12 string and huge scope and sound. A must!


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