Sunday, 16 December 2012


01. Introitus
02. Silence
03. Edge Of Time
04. Dream

Originally released privately, this album has has many reissues; Melochord in 1972, a limited c.d. issue on Witch & Warlock in 1991 and Second Battle added some bonus tracks to a remastered c.d. and vinyl in 2001.

The group originated in Dusseldorf in 1969 and recorded their only album at Neubauer Studios the following year. 

"Edge Of Time" is one of the greatest forgotten Krautrock albums, a long dark trip into the cosmic ether. Part electronic, part folk and largely instrumental, a kind of kosmiche meditation. The lead instruments (Organ, acoustic guitar, electronics) take turns repeating melodies, building patterns for additional sounds (flute, voices, drones). Heavy.

Think 68-69 Floyd and early Tangerine Dream meet early Six Organs Of Admittance, drop acid and record the results.

This album is real deep and dense. A near perfect dark, heavy trip.

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