Wednesday, 10 April 2013


CBS/Sony 1975

01. Mano Dharma '74
02. Wave Code #e-1

Mammoth drone-a-thon from Japanese avant garde composer and Taj Mahal Travellers member, Takehisa Kosugi. Using violin, electronics and vocals all processed through echo machines and ring modulators and mixed with pre-recorded tape experiments.

The original L.P. sleeve bore the inscription :

"The deaf listen to sounds touching, watching...the blind watch sight listening, smelling. Sounds speeding on lights, lights speeding on sounds, music between riddles & solutions."


Anonymous said...

gog magog said...

I used to own a copy of this record, 50 cents at the salvation army! I played that record to DEATH man! I LOVED it! I even rigged up my record player with a fishing line on the tone-arm so I could tie it off where ever I felt like and creat lock grooves. At 16 RPM, Catch-Wave lock groove session you have never heard. The lock-groove catch-wave at 16 RPM session you should hear.

itslostitsfound said...

Sounds great...I'd love to hear. There was a Spectrum record back in the 90's that could be played at four speeds. Great stuff!