Wednesday, 10 April 2013


Treehouse Orchestra Recordings TOR38 2013

01. Murrain
02. Pica Mast

Finally, I've decided to include some of my own music this month. Taking my cue from Dr. Shluss' Garage Of Psychedelic Obscurities, I'm posting music I have created (with assistance from friends and everyone at TOR).

I'm not comparing my own work to anything else available on this blog. But, obviously I like all the music I write about and that music influences the stuff I do. That is to say, if you like most of what appears here, you may like this too.

30 minutes of music over two 15 minute tracks. 'Murrain' begins with electric drone before diving into sitar led free folk. Loops of live drums are added building to a full on Eastern psych beat freak out.

'Pica Mast' is ambient guitar music with krautrock influences. Rhythm builds up under the  experimental guitar layers before disintegrating into total ambiance.

Extremely limited edition cassette and free download available from Bandcamp.

Or download here :


mmatt said...

good stuff! thanks for making and sharing

Anonymous said...

Thanks mmatt! It's good to know there are folks willing to listen. I should have the next We Are The Wooden Houses project completed soon, hopefully posted here in December. Thanks again.