Sunday, 16 June 2013


SIS Records 1972

01. Darkside
02. Maypole
03. Live For Today
04. R.C.8.
05. The Cat
06. Zero Time

Absolute top class heavy UK psychedelic rock. Don't let 'UK', 'rock' and '1972' put you off. Yes, there is a bit of Led Zeppelin going on here, but there is none of the sludginess and wanky twaddle that dominate so many other records given similar genre tags from this era.

Every track gets the song structure (words, chorus, melody) out of the way fast to get down to some of the best psych you will hear. And... this record contains probably the BEST fuzz guitar sound ever.

Self financed and released, limited to 60 copies on initial pressing.

Groovy as fuck.

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