Sunday, 12 May 2013


Self Release 1967

01. This Is An Artistic Statement Part 1
02. This Is An Artistic Statement Part 2

This month is dedicated to hippie visionary and outsider music cult figure, Phil Pearlman.

While attending university in California, Pearlman put together a loose collective of friends and musicians for an art project. The band and album was to be called The Beat Of The Earth.

This music is two sides of real sixties free expression improvisation. Former member Karen Darby describes it as such :

"Unstructured, stream of consciousness, riffs and rhythms, celebration of each individual musician by allowing spontaneous expression based on group orchestrated effort, without orchestrated (written) music."

The record had a pressing of 500 and Pearlman distributed it by handing it out to hitch-hikers, telling them to pass it on. Right on!

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