Sunday, 12 May 2013


Self Release 1970

1. The Golden Hill Part I
2. The Golden Hill Part II
3. The Golden Hill Part III
4. The Golden Hill Part IV
5. Love Will Find A Way Part I
6. Love Will Find A Way Part II
7. Love Will Find A Way Part III

Three years have passed since the Beat Of The Earth album. The band played a handful of happenings but now Phil Pearlman  takes a new direction.

It's unclear what these recordings were to designed for. Rehearsal for a show? Demos for an album? There are new musicians here and they sound unfamiliar with one another and the material. Drums fall out of time, vocals are off key and the whole thing is really lo-fi.

But there is something going on here...

Gone is the free folk experimental explosions, in is acid rock and loose folk rhythms. At times this sounds like a time travelling Spacemen 3. Things get good on the fuzzier, more droning tracks.

This isn't excellent but there is enough to keep the listener intrigued and it adds to the mystique of it's creator.


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