Wednesday, 16 October 2013


Bootleg 1970

01. Wall Song #2
02. Walkin' In The Mountains #2
03. Wooden Ships
04. Walkin' In The Mountains #1
05. Epp Hour/Rounds
06. You Sit There (False Start)
07. You Sit There
08. Over Jordan/Wayfaring Strangers
09. Walkin' In The Mountains #3
10. Walkin' In The Mountains #4
11. Loser #1 & #2
12. Wall Song #1
13. Wild Turkey/Leather Winged Bat
14. Kids And Dogs
15. Is It Really Monday?
16. Loser #3 & #4

I've always loved David Crosby. I'm a huge fan of The Byrds (I fucking adore The Byrds), but some people never really take a shine to Cros. Egotistical, bullying, show off... it's easy to see why. But no one can sing like David Crosby. Add to that his strange (and still underrated) rhythm guitar playing, odd and original song compositions and his heart was always in the right place.

Rather than post any Byrds or Crosby, Stills, Nash (& Young) material, I thought I'd go with one of my favourite bootleg recordings, The P.E.R.R.O. Tapes.

P.E.R.R.O. stands for Planet Earth Rock & Roll Orchestra. Yak. But hey, it's California in the early seventies, what do you expect? The group was made of friends in the scene and in the area. Alongside Crosby are Jerry Garcia, Phil Lesh, Paul Kantner, David Frieberg, Grace Slick and loads of others...

I'm not sure if these were recordings for an album, these guys are so high they never finish a song. But that's why these recordings are so wonderful. Semi improvised stoner jam songs performed by the cream of the West Coast scene. The whole vibe is relaxed and the joy and sincerity of the players is tangible.

There is quite a lot of writing about this recording and the whole P.E.R.R.O. thing online, it goes deep, and if you enjoy these recordings I suggest you dig.


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