Saturday, 24 May 2014


Wooden Hill 2004 (Recorded 1970)

01. Come Into the Garden / Interlude #1
02. The Grail / Interlude #2
03. Sad Song for the Winter / Interlude #3
04. Mary's Mystery
05. Lady With Bullets In Her Hair
06. Black Hat Babe
07. Song In E
08. Episode At Telegraph Hill
09. Mourning Sounds
10. Peru

Bonus :

11. Sad Song For the Winter (Alternate Mix)
12. Elegy to a Dead King
13. The Voyage
14. Of Reason
15. Reflection of a Thought
16. Mr Binns Takes a Trip
17. Gypsy Wanderer
18. Piper Song
19. Ballad of a Lady Waiting

Chimera are Lisa Bankoff and Francesca Garnett.  They recorded this L.P. for the Morgan Blue Town label in 1969 and despite the big names (Rick Wright, Nick Mason, Bob Weston) this album was never released. The label folded, the band fell apart and no amount of celebrity endorsement could secure a release for this record.

A cassette containing the first mix was discovered during an archival project that would see other Morgan Blue Town releases remastered and re-issued. That too was scrapped.

This record has a wonderful acid-psych-folk feel with touches of prog. Excellent spooky female vocals too.

In 1967, they recorded a tape of their own songs in Rome, and had it pressed onto acetate to give to the Phillips label. These make up the bonus tracks, and make a fine acid folk album of their own.


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