Monday, 21 April 2014


Phillips 1970

01. Ruckzuck
02. Stratovarius
03. Megaherz
04. Vom Himmel Hoch

The first album by Kraftwerk has never been issued on C.D., none of the tracks have been performed live since 1975 and is regarded by Florian Schneider as "archaeology". The recordings were not made by the 'classic' Kraftwerk line up and it certainly doesn't sound like it.

Recorded the year after 'Tone Float' by Organisation, it sounds very much in between the two and has much more of a NEU! feel (Klaus Dinger appears on this L.P).

Much more 'Krautrock' sounding than anything else in their discography, just don't expect 'Trans Europe Express'. But if you like NEU! or experimental German music, get it on.

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