Friday, 21 November 2014


Unknown label and year.

01. The Lea Riders Group - Dom Kellar Oss Mods
02. Träd Gräs Och Stenar - I Ljuset Av Din Dag
03. Sogmusobil - Arabic in the Morning
04. Charlie & Esdor - Dagen Ar Over
05. Love Explosion - Stockholm City (Live)
06. Solen Skiner - Militar (Live)
07. Mecki Mark Men - Opening
08. Mecki Mark Men - Playing Child
09. Baby Grandmothers - Raw Diamond
10. Arbete & Fritid - Petrokemi, Det Kan Man Inte Bada I
11. Parson Sound - Tio Minuter

Yowsa! There is literally STACKS of top notch Swedish Psych out there. Parson Sound and International Harvester would have to be my favourites, but this comp is a good way in. I can't remember where I got it (the label and year are a mystery).

The Lea Riders Group track is a real trip, 'Dagen Ar Over' by Charlie & Esdor is one of the greatest singles EVER and the aforementioned Parson Sound prove once again there is an argument for them being the greatest Swedish psych group of all.


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Anonymous said...

Thanks a bunch - nice comp.
(NB The Lea Riders Group track is Dom Kallar Oss Mods - They Call Us Mods)

Anonymous said...

Many thanks!