Thursday, 25 June 2015


Vertigo 1973

01. And the Waters Opened
02. Uroboros
03. Syn
04. Devotion
05. Happy Stage
06. Samum

A recent conversation with friends prompted this post; a couple of weekends ago, we were discussing Julian Cope's wonderful 'Krautrocksampler'. A while ago I got together some albums that Cope hadn't included in his 100 list. I assume his list wasn't exhaustive. there are some great omissions (Future Days?!?!), but it still remains the best starting point for anyone wanting to explore the genre.

'And the Waters Opened' by Between is one of those omissions. Psychedelic jamming, eastern instruments, instrumental, heavy German drug funk, it's fucking great.

Think Agitation Free with a touch of Popol Vuh.

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