Thursday, 25 June 2015


01. Twilight Peaks
02. Lost Lagoon Suite
03. Rocky Mountain Raga
04. Blue Crystal Fire
05. Golden Dragon
06. Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee
07. Chung Mei - The Chinese Orchid
08. The Long Lullaby

Tracks 1 & 5 from 'Twilight Peaks'
Track 2 from 'The Falconer's Arm I'
Tracks 3 & 4 from 'Visions of the Country'
Tracks 6 & 8 from 'Rainbow Thunder'
Track 7 from 'The Grail and the Lotus'

I got this quite by accident. I thought I was downloading something else, and was surprised when I opened the file to find a Robbie Basho album with a title I recognised as a track from 'The Falconer's Arm II'.

It is a compilation of already released material, mainly from Basho's later period.  I can't find any information on this album, and I assume it's a fan made compilation.

Whoever did put this together deserves kudos; it's an excellent introduction to the artist and flows like an original album. Whoever you are, well done.

So, if you're intrigued by Robbie Basho and want a place to start, or you're already a fan but want to hear familiar songs in a new context, get it!

Note: There was no cover, so I designed my own Basho-tastic one.


Anonymous said...

immortal coil said...

Its actually a mix from my blog, Creepy Powers. I am thrilled you came across it and liked it. The cover is also fantastic. Thanks for posting such great music. I follow your site religiously.

Anonymous said...

Oh wow! You done a great job! Seriously, I would recommend this to anyone interested in getting to know Basho and I've also given to some friends that were already fans.

So, THANK YOU for providing me with a new context in which to listen to the great man.

And thanks for following, it means a lot.