Monday, 30 November 2015


01. Unknown - Blood of the Curious
02. Bill Fay - Garden Song
03. Mary Hopkin - Lord of the Reedy River
04. Michael Chapman - Rabbit Hills
05. Foggy - She's Far Away
06. Keith Christmas - The Fawn
07. Roy Harper - Forget Me Not
08. Jackson C Frank - Milk & Honey
09. John Martyn - Road To Ruin (Part 1)
10. Mick Stevens - Burning
11. Kathy Smith - The Blackbird & The Pearl
12. Hedgehog Pie - The Green Lady
13. Famous Jug Band - A Taste of Salt
14. Lazy Farmer - Love Song
15. Faraway Folk - Coming Home To Brixham
16. The Move - No Time
17. Queens Nectarine Machine - Gypsy Lady
18. The Five Reivers - Summer's End
19. Jim Alan - Everlasting Song
20. Nico - Frozen Warnings
21. Chrysalis - Lacewing
22. Tea and SymphonyDangling (Introduction)

Well, here it is; the final Lammas Night Laments. Thank you to everyone who has followed this blog for this series, I hope you can find more to keep you returning.



Anonymous said...

mac man said...

Just wanted to convey my sincere gratitude to all those responsible for putting together what can only be described as a spelling collection of volumes of music . Some of which i was familiar with but the pleasant surprises and new directions were many and truly awe inspiring . I doubt a better collection of the genre WYRD FOLK exist , a truly remarkable compendium and road map for the wonderful strange and darkest journeys. mac man

mac man said...

I have now d/l all 14 volumes and so impressed with the results i tasked myself with attempting to find the full albums from whence these jewels came in flac/lossless so every nuance can be absorbed . Quite often the track used was the best on the album which i kinda expected it might given the love clearly gone into their compilation . I am well on the way to completing the enormous task given i wanted the internet to provide as many as possible, i have also purchased 10 cds including the mega awesome Book of AM . However as expected i have drawn a few blanks where there is no cd or d/l available , any assistance in a flac d/l of the whole album would of course be hugely appreciated, Jim Alan Tales of the songsmith is proving very illusive , and both Hedgehog Pie The Green Lady and Self Titled to name but three, mac

immortal coil said...

I don't know if you'd be interested, but I just finished a five album psychfolk mix that I thought it would make sense to share (no one goes to my old blog, Creepy Powers). A while ago Root Strata picked up an earlier, shorter version of this mix) . Some of these songs were also on the mixes you have shared but a bunch (I think) were not. Please let me know!

mac man said...

VERY Interested kind sir , mac