Tuesday, 29 December 2015


Warner Brothers 1969

01. Introduction - Gods
02. The Self Fascination Ritual For Increased Power
03. The Isis Full Moon Ring For Magical Protection
04. The Demon Spell For Energy
05. Orgies - A Tool Of Witchcraft
06. Sun Sign Amulets For Spiritual Protection
07. The Coleopterous Charm For Romantic Adventure
08. The Turkish Bean Spell For Tender Love
09. Seduction Spells From Around The World
10. The Emotional Bondage Spell
11. The Earthquake Spell For Unwanted Lovers
12. Witches And Wizzards

Louise Huebner was the self appointed 'official' witch of L.A. This L.P. has her reading excerpts from her book "Seduction Through Witchcraft".

Beneath the purring and ahh-ing are some really nice synth moments. These were provided by Louis and Bebe Barron, who created the 'Forbidden Planet' soundtrack.

Hitting total zeitgeist in 1969, Warner Brothers originally released this spoken word record. It saw a C.D. re-issue on Infinite Zero in 1996 and a nice vinyl repress on WB in 2007.


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Anonymous said...

Hi Anonymous. Interesting album. Are you aware of Kali Bahlu: Cosmic remembrance from 1968? Awesome Zeitgeist record!

Here a review from Amazon: Kali does a "talky" album in a voice that sounds like a cross between LAUGH IN's spacey Goldie Hawn appearances and a suggestion what an LSD tripping Sarah Palin political speech might sound like in a state of opium-laced arousal: Kali Bahu is in a childlike state of euphoric incomprehensibility on the almost forty minutes of this most happily druggy album. Really; I heard words, space cadet, free-ranging airhead young woman speaking in Eastern artsy baby talk.

Backing her is a sitar, chimes, bongo-like percussion, and all of it noodling around like an avant guarde small jazz combo warming up and happily going nowhere around notes more or less in some kind of improvisational order. At least they were in key (I think). Think the hippie background druggy sitar music strangely setting the mood in a 1967-ish episode of DRAGNET: paisley improv jazz and no one's sober enough to know better...

I hhighly recommend this! Unique, weird, gods on drugs..and listen to that guitar. :-)
Jan from the Netherlands