Monday, 29 February 2016


01. Im Calcutta
02. Upduff's Birth
03. Shikako Maru Ten
04. Kamasutra
05. Little Star of Bethlehem
06. Turtles Have Short Legs
07. Theif'
08. Kamerasong

Recently I've been having a right faff around and sort out of music. The joy of going through Can bootlegs. I decided to compile down my favourite unreleased and obscure stuff. Can heads probably have it all, but it's nicely compiled. Taking my cue from 'The Lost Tapes', it's non chronological and mixes up the various vocalist and instrumental periods of Can.

This is the first of three volumes.

'Upduff's Birth' is the unedited version of 'Mother Upduff from 'Unlimited Edition'. Recorded May 1969.
'Shikako Maru Ten' was the b-side of the 'Spoon' 7", released in 1971.

'Kamasutra' was a 1969 single credited to The Inner Space. From the movie of the same name. 'Im Calcutta' is taken from the same sessions.

'Little Star of Bethlehem' is a 1971 Schloss Norvenich studio recording.

'Turtles Have Short Legs' was a 'Tago Mago' era single from 1971.

'Theif' is the same take as the version on 'Monster Movie', but a longer edit.

'Kamerasong' is the b-side to 'Agilok & Blubbo'. The A-side being the title song of a movie. Recorded in 1968, credited to The Inner Space & Rosy Rosy.


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