Monday, 29 February 2016


Basho Productions 1983 / Grass Tops Recordings 2016

01 The Golden Medallion
02 Kahlil Gibran
03 The White Swallow
04 The Polish Rider
05 El Cid
06 Lightning Thunder
07 Land of Our Fathers
08 Tears of Teresa
09 Blues from Lebanon
10 The Song of Leila
11 The White Princess

Bonus Tracks:

12 Lightning Thunder - Alternate Take
13 The White Swallow - Solo Vocal
14 Omar Khayyam Country
15 The White Princess - Alternate Take

This is a re-issue of one of my favourite Basho albums and I featured it in my first ever post (way back in June 2012). At the time, I only had a very distorted and wobbly cassette rip.

Grass Tops have been doing a wonderful job in the last couple of years re-issuing these albums. The sound, packaging and extra materials have all been excellent. The care, love and attention obviously coming from real fans. It's a shame to see that legal issues have got in the way of the physical release of their last two Basho projects.

Once it was announced that there was to be no release of this album, it was offered as a free download which has unfortunately also been removed.


Vlad Ruskin said...

Hello can u please put up again the download link for this Grass-Top remaster of Robbie Basho's "Bouquet" album? I would love to hear this new version of my favourite album of his! Impossible to find anywhere else! Also thanks for "Indian II", what a treat!


Anonymous said...