Monday, 27 June 2016


Pure Freude 1982

01. Mister Schmidt
02. Machine Dance II
03. Comment: Brain
04. Alone
05. Comment: Commercial
06. Spanish Drive
07. Comment: Axe
08. End Of A Party
09. Comment: Influence
10. Under The Surface
11. Comment: Cheers
12. Only You One
13. Comment: Art
14. Comment: Finger
15. Shall I Get You More
16. Comment: God
17. A Radio Beam
18. Comment: Hands
19. Machine Dance I
20. Howdoyoudooright
21. Comment: Musician
22. The Can Telefon Jingle
23. Only You Two
24. The Master And The Needle
25. Rose
26. Comment: Next LP
27. Harry: The Thief

Shockingly rare Can now. Originally released in 1982 by Pure Freude on cassette and also as a limited edition tin can containing several tape reels. That was limited to 100 copies.

This was recorded at Inner Space in 1976, but it's not classic Can; this is avant garde collage. Studio chatter, noise, things being hit...the sound of Can pottering in their studio.

A nice re-issue appeared on the Sub Sonum label in 2007. That edition was also limited to 100 copies.


Anonymous said...

Siphonophoros said...

Whoah, what a gift! Even when these guys are just noodling around it's brilliant. Thanks