Monday, 27 June 2016


01. Current 93 - Red Hawthorne Tree
02. Richard Youngs - Soon it Will Be Fire
03. Mick Harris & Martyn Bates - The Cruel Mother
04. *AR - Wolfhou
05. Coil - Remote Viewing 5

Curated by Jeremy Bye.


And for those of you who wanted to know...

Esoterica Britannica Volume 5 - "They Are In The Room With Us Now"

Curated by David Thompson.

01. The Advisory Circle - Logotone 1: Decisions
02. The Advisory Circle - Wheel of the Year
03. Belbury Poly - Green Grass Grows
04. The Focus Group - Fruminous Numinous
05. Pye Corner Audio - A Door in the Dry Ice
06. Belbury Poly - The Willows
07. The Focus Group - Hey Let Loose Your Love
08. The Advisory Circle - Sundial
09. Mount Vernon Arts Lab - The Black Drop
10. Belbury Poly - Rattler's Hey
11. Pye Corner Audio - Nostalgia Pills
12. The Focus Group - Through the Green Lens
13. Roj - Inhale, Exhale, Love!
14. Belbury Poly - Clockwork Horoscope
15. Mount Vernon Arts Lab - The Submariner's Song
16. Eric Zann - Threshold
17. Belbury Poly - The Moonlawn
18. The Focus Group - The Bohm Site
19. Pye Corner Audio - Chlorine
20. Belbury Poly - Swingalong
21. The Advisory Circle - Mind How You Go Now
22. The Focus Group - Popping Art
23. Roj - They are in the Room with Us Now
24. Belbury Poly - The Hidden Door


Anonymous said...

Del Buck said...

Very glad I found your blog - a lot of fantastic music here, some familiar to me (Basho, Fahey, Blackshaw etc.) and some new (like *AR on this post). I was wondering if you have any Wilburn Burchette - seems like he'd fit in here pretty well and there isn't much available in the blogs I'm aware of. Cheers.

DeePeeGee said...

I'm probably being a bit stupid here, but is there a download link please for Esoterica Britannica Volume 5 - "They Are In The Room With Us Now"? Thanks

Ivano Bovolenta said...

This link is not working.
Pity, other lists are great.