Monday, 24 July 2017


Fan made compilation. 2017.

01. Big City (Remix)
02. Why Couldn't I See?
03. Just to See You Smile (Instrumental)
04. The World is Dying
05. I Love You (Remix)
06. Just to See You Smile (Honey, Pt. 2)
07. Big City (Waves of Joy)
08. When Tomorrow Hits
09. Drive
10. Feelin' Just Fine (Alternate Mix)
11. Drive (Demo)
12. Drive (Remix)
13. Drive/Feel So Sad

If you haven't had quite enough Spacemen 3, here's my own round up of b-sides and rarities from the 'Recurring' era.

'Just to See You Smile (Honey, Pt. 2)' and 'The World is Dying' are from the 'Hypnotized' single.

'Drive', 'Big City (Waves of Joy)' and 'Drive (Demo)' from the 'Big City/Drive' single.

'Big City (Remix)' and Drive '(Remix)' are from a limited remix 12".

'I Love You (Remix)' is from a mis-press of that release.

'When Tomorrow Hits' was an unreleased Mudhoney cover, intended for a split 7". On the other side, Mudhoney were to cover 'Revolution'.

'Why Couldn't I See?', 'Just to See You Smile (Instrumental)', 'Feelin' Just Fine (Alternate Mix)' and 'Drive/Feel So Sad' are from the European compact disc version of 'Recurring'.

Spacemen 3 fans need not despair; from this month I will be posting the first single and E.P. releases from Sonic Boom/Spectrum and Spiritualized.


Anonymous said...

frd boule said...

very, very, very nice blog. I love the Spacemen 3. I just own the Sound of confusion LP which will never (never) go out of my home !!! Thank you very (very) much for all these treasures and also your own compilations !


Jorenanthony (username) said...

Yes yes, thanks for this blog. Excellent work, much appreciated. The clarity and care helps a fan breathe right.