Monday, 24 July 2017


ABC Records 1967/Sunbeam Records 2006

01. Don't Look Now
02. I'm Gonna Be Free
03. LBOD
04. Sunday Telephone
05. Blue Water Mother
06. Girl of the Mountain
07. Cosmic Daddy Dancer
08. Bad News Cat
09. Storm
10. Early Morning Fear
11. Angels Can't be True
12. Tattoo Man

bonus track

13. I Feel a Song (B-Side of 'Tattoo Man')

This album is a lost jazz psych great. The Free Spirits are from New York and they mixed psychedelia, jazz and freak out. They supported the likes of The Jimi Hendrix Experience, The Doors and The Velvet Underground.

Apparently lumped with a jazz producer that disliked rock music, the songs here are not the double figures freak outs they became known for. The compositions are tight and most are a mix of free jazz and psych.

Sometimes sounds like two records playing at once, I love it.

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