Monday, 6 November 2017


Ayna 1974 / Cinedelic Records 2015

01. Perquisizione
02. Un Cadavere Sotto La Neve
03. Inseguimento
04. Nucleo Mobile
05. Prime Luci
06. Complici
07. Entr'acte
08. Cani Poliziotti
09. Sommozzatori
10. Interrogatorio
11. Azione Notturna
12. Motovedette

Haven't posted any Egisto Macchi in some time, so here's a recently acquired soundtrack to a 70's Italian cop show.

More cohesive and less avant garde than some of the self produced library records, this is still way more left of field than say Lalo Schifrin (whose movie scores I love).

There is even a touch of what Mica Levi would explore in the excellent 'Under the Skin' soundtrack.

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