Monday, 5 February 2018


Magick Theatre Productions 1980 / White Dog Music 2005

01 Movement the First
02 Movement the Second
03 Movement the Third
04 Movement the Fourth
05 Movement the Fifth
06 Movement the Sixth

After the Orkustra, Bobby Beausoleil began playing live with a new ensemble; Bobby Beausoeil & The Magick Powerhouse of OZ. It was during this time he was approached by L.A. film maker Kenneth Anger. Anger wanted Beausoleil to appear in his upcoming film, 'Lucifer Rising'.

The casting idea soon waned, but Beausoleil stayed on to complete a soundtrack for the film.

This idea was scuppered however, when Beausoleil became involved with Charles Manson and the Family.

Beausoleil was jailed in 1970 for the murder of Gary Hinman. The death was an order from Manson and the details are a little murky. Beausoleil is still incarcerated in a California prison.

Kenneth Anger began looking for another artist to complete his soundtrack. You can read how he got on here.

Beausoleil contacted Anger from prison. He expressed his desire to finish the soundtrack, writing, rehearsing and recording it from jail.

Initially, he had parts of electronic instruments mailed to him and he constructed these in his cell. Soon, he had enough material and a willing band of inmates to help him record the music from inside.

This music is deep, dark psych. Not only one of my favorite soundtracks, but one of my favorite pieces of music. Instrumental, doomy and fantastic.

The first release was on Magick Theatre Productions in 1980, limited to 1000 copies. The version presented here is on White Dog Music from 2005. A 2 disc version was released in 2004, the second disc containing rarities that can be found on both The Orkustra compilations and on the 4 disc 'Lucifer Rising Suite' on the Anja Offensive label. If there is interest in seeing that box set on this blog, please say so in the comments.



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