Monday, 5 February 2018


Mexican Summer 2009

01 Flash Gordon
02 Bombay Calling
03 Punjab's Barber
04 Gypsy Odyssey (Performed Live At St. John's Church Christmas Eve, 1966)
05 Bouzouki Blues Experiment
06 Hungarian Stomp
07 Flash Gordon (A Practice Session)
08 Freeform Improvisation (While Watching An Experimental Underground Film)
09 Flute Player Audition (Practice Jam Session)
10 Dancing In The Park
11 Gypsy Odyssey (Practice Session)

The story of Bobby Beausoleil is well documented, but if you don't know...

Bobby traveled East at an early age and arrived in San Francisco in 1966. Here, he joined The Orkustra; a multi ethnic, psychedelic group with a range of styles and instruments. World music before the term.

Bobby Beausoleil provided guitar for this group and they played around San Francisco on the underground circuit. They played events, happenings and even soundtracked movies live.

They never entered a studio and this set represents all available recordings.

Red Lounge Records tried to compile an album in 2006 called 'Light Shows For The Blind'. It was a fine set and a great attempt at trying to 'make' an album for the band. All recordings from that record appear here, although if there is enough interest, I'll post 'Light Shows For The Blind' too.

There is some truly revolutionary stuff here, lots of improvisation and it's great psych.

This was only the first movement of Beausoleil's musical career, view the other posts from this month to find out more.


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Bill said...

Bobby BeauSoleil may be best known for who he knows. Whenever his name is mentioned, it's often in the same breath as either Kenneth Anger or Charles Manson. The former association is strong-- in 1967, experimental filmmaker Anger cast BeauSoleil in his film Lucifer Rising and commissioned him to create the soundtrack. But the latter association is muddier. There's no question that BeauSoleil lived on Manson's ranch, and, in 1969 at age 22, killed a man during a botched drug deal. But Manson's involvement, and whether it's fair to lump the crime in with his more famous ritual murders, are matters of dispute. Either way, it landed BeauSoleil in prison, where he remains today.