Saturday, 16 February 2013


Musique Pour L'Image 1967

01. Claude Vasori - Départ Fusée
02. Robert Hermel - Industrie Spatiale
03. François Bayle - Titan
04. Claude Vasori - Espace Chromatique
05. François Bayle - Andromede
06. Robert Hermel - Apesanteur
07. Patrice Sciortino - Alchimie Rythmique
08. Patrice Sciortino - Ville Sanse Vie
09. Patrice Sciortino - Abimes Souterrains
10. Patrice Sciortino - Danger Sous Roche
11. Patrice Sciortino - Approache Dramatique
12. Patrice Sciortino - Hostilite
13. Patrice Sciortino - Tumulte

This French album from 1967 is a showcase of sorts for library music artists.

Side 2 is essentially a mini album from Patrice Sciortino. These early recordings are less intense than the percussion driven pieces he would later develop. Piano, bells and harps having a more melodic touch than later albums.

I prefer side 1, several related tracks of eeire, ominous ambient space music. The tracks on this side would perfectly suit some existensial French space movie that was never made. Spooky and great.


Important Records 2011

01. Holly
02. Boo, Forever

Coming after "The Glass Bead Game" and "All is Falling", this record finds the London guitarist continuing in a semi classical vein alongside the repeated guitar patterns and full, beautiful acoustic guitar sound.

Every James Blackshaw release of recent years has been essential and this extended play is no different.

Released on 12" vinyl only, it features Blackshaw on guitar (12 string and his first recorded use of nylon string) and piano with other instrumental contributions from Charlotte Glasson.


Subliminal Sounds 2001

      Disc 1 :

01. Intro
02. Tio Minuter (Ten Minutes)
03. From Tunis To India In Full Moon (On Testosterone)
04. India (Slight Return)
05. A Glimpse Inside the Glyptotec-66
06. One Quiet Afternoon (In the King's Garden)

      Disc 2 :

01. Sov Gott Rose-Marie Parts 1-3 - It's Only Love/Till Indien/Sov Gott Rose-Marie
02. Skrubba
03. Milano
04. On How to Live
05. Blåslåten

This two disc album collects together recordings made by Swedish commune psych band Pårson Sound. Recorded between 1968-69 the band made no professional recordings but jammed constantly and often recorded the results. 

Long, repetitive, monolithic riffs featuring guitars, strings, horns, two drummers...the sound is huge and the vibe heavy. No bullshit communist Swedish proto prog artists make serious music that is not for the faint hearted.

Needless to say, within these discs is some of the greatest music ever made.

From the roots of Pårson Sound grew International Harvester, Harvester and Tråd, Grås Och Stenar.