Thursday, 28 March 2019

The Electric Prunes - Underground

Reprise 1967

01 The Great Banana Hoax
02 Children Of Rain
03 Wind-Up Toys
04 Antique Doll
05 It's Not Fair
06 I Happen To Love You
07 Dr. Do-Good
08 I
09 Hideaway
10 Big City
11 Capt. Glory
12 Long Day's Flight

Bonus tracks:

13 Everybody Knows You're Not in Love
14 You Never Had It Better

Like their debut, the second album by The Electric Prunes was released in 1967. Unlike the first album however, the band were left alone to write their own compositions (9 of the original 12 tracks were originals).

The Electric Prunes further pushed the experimentation on this album and the result was another underground classic.

By the end of recording however, creative differences meant both Preston Ritter and James Spagnola left the band.

They embarked on a tour and when they returned to the studio, it was a very different set of circumstances.

The Velvet Underground - Live at the Boston Tea Party

Bootleg 1969

01 Heroin
02 Move Right In
03 I'm Set Free
04 Run Run Run
05 Waiting for the Man
06 What Goes On
07 I Can't Stand It
08 Candy Says
09 Beginning to See the Light
10 White Light/White Heat
11 Pale Blue Eyes
12 Sister Ray

More ratching around in the Velvets bootleg folder has turned up this live show from '69.

The Nightowl Sings - Sliders E.P.

Treehouse Orchestra Recordings TOR62. 2019.

01 Don't Stand Down
02 Joy Explosion
03 Queen of K
04 Oranges
05 Dreams of Civic Pride

Another release from my own label.

In the post for 'Amsterdam/America' by Ghosts of Hobbs End I explained how those recordings took place after sessions for a new collection of songs by The Nightowl Sings. This is that collection, finally released after two years.

After the (temporary) break up of Brocken Spectre, Marc Gillen set about recording a new batch of songs. A revolving door of musicians fleshed out these recordings including myself on drums and some guitar and bass, Jill Wallace (also from Brocken Spectre) plays bass on some tracks, David Thompson (Cat of Tomorrow) contributes guitar and new contributor Jessica Lowes sings back up on these songs.

The last release from The Nightowl Sings was '1955' released in July 2016, this collection gathers together the final recordings (to date) made under that name.

Scuzzed out pop, cracked alt ballads and art rock.