Friday, 29 July 2022

The Nightowl Sings - These Dislocated Isles


TOR087. Released June 2022.

01 These Dislocated Isles (Part 1)
02 These Dislocated Isles (Part 2)

The latest release from Treehouse Orchestra Recordings.

Marc Gillen - Vocals, Drum Machine, Electric Guitars, Keyboards, sounds & samples.

All music and words written by Marc Gillen except ‘Lighthouse’ written by Marc Gillen and Alastair Popple. 

Version of ‘Lighthouse’ sample used prepared by Alastair Popple.

Recorded at home October 2021 to January 2022.

Mixed and edited by Stephen Benson.

Mastered by Jonathan Sharp.

Artwork and design by Emily Ford.

"These Dislocated Isles, and the lighthouse is broken. The last several years has been a heady trip, sometimes dark and long, sometimes baffling and strange, always surprising, always changing. Strange times indeed as I often hear people say. 

Lucky for me, I’m still here to hear them call out, still enjoying the glimpses of light and euphoria when they bolt from the earth and sky.
Feelings and events (personal and communal) have come and gone like quicksands on a ghost beach. Themes emerge and permeate in the ether.

Divorce, bouts of loneliness, falling madly in love and re-marrying, the joy of DIY and punk noise, depression (mostly of dear others) have all featured as constants in my mind casting a tangled web. STICKY.

Add to this constant social and political upheaval, Myopia (everywhere), attacks on the common good, serious illness, lucid dreaming, near death flirtations and explosions of art, song, love and future fever dreams and you have a cerebral headfuck.

This thirty-minute (or so…) TONE POEM (HA!) is a reflection on our personal and shared dislocations, mentally, physically, politically, socially, geographically, economically and spiritually. I pieced it together at the end of 2021 intending to perform it live. Alas, illness has prevented this as yet.

For now, here is A version of These Dislocated Isles for prosperity, bundled up inside tape and digital space, making little sense but holding onto something…. for something (people). 

Thanks for listening, everything is possible.


Whoever you are, no one belongs here more than you." - Marc

Free download and extremely limited cassette available from our Bandcamp.

Grouper - Rarities 2002-2014


Self made compilation 2022.

01 Untitled [1st CDr, self released, 2004]
02 Rising Height [Split 7'' with Pumice, Soft Abuse, 2009]
03 Pale Through [from 'Tsuiki No Seika Vol. 1', Split 7'' with Xela, Root Strata, 2009]
04 False Horizon [Split 7'' with City Center, self released, 2009]
05 A-D (Excerpt) [from '10', Room 40-Wire Magazine, 2010]
06 Dice Airlock [from 'The Tropics Of Phenomenon', Sweet Dreams, 2010]
07 Alien Observer (Live in Vigeland Mausoleum) [Wire Magazine compilation, 2011]
08 He Knows (Live at St. Lukes Cathedral) [from 'RQ EQ Christchurch Earthquake Relief', 2011]
09 Hollow Tone [from '10', Room 40, 2011]
10 Quiet Eyes [from 'Neon Marshmallow NYC 2011', Neon Marshmallow cassette, 2011]
11 Demona [from 'Yeti Twelve' 7'',Yeti Publishing, 2012]
12 Cassiopeia [from 'Benefit For The Recovery In Japan', Antiopic, 2012]
13 Headache (MEMORYREMEDYMIX) [from 'The Remix Collection', Recycle Culture, 2014]

Les Rallizes Dénudés - December's Black Children


Not On Label 1989

01 Flames Of Ice
02 Romance Of Black Grief
03 A Memory Is Far
04 Untitled
05 Night Of The Assassins
06 White Waking
07 Enter The Mirror
08 Untitled
09 The Last One

Another unofficial release of noise terror from Japan's mighty Les Rallizes Dénudés. This release was originally pressed in 1989 (limited to 100 copies) and features a performance from Shibuya Yaneura, Tokyo, December 13th 1980.