Thursday 23 April 2020

Various Artists - Diana and Helen's Garden Chill Out

Mix 2020

01 Palace Video VHS Ident
02 Susan Christie - Rainy Day
03 The Missunderstood - My Mind
04 Mohave Triangles - Eternal Light (Edit)
05 Arbete & Fritid - Petrokemi, Det Kan Man Inte Bada I
06 Cat's Eyes - Black Madonna
07 Mirrorring - Mine
08 Brian Hodgson & Delia Derbyshire - The End
09 Extradition - A Moonsong
10 Frank Zappa - Willie the Pimp
11 Trees Speak - Soul Sequencer
12 Vinegar - Missi Solis (Edit)
13 Deuter - Evening
14 Constance Denby - Om Mani Padme Hum
15 John Coltrane - I Wish I Knew

A mixtape for your lockdown.

Spectrum - True Love Will Find You In The End (U.S. Version)

Sympathy for the Record Industry 1992

01. True Love Will Find You In The End 
02. Don't Go (Vocal Version)
03. Taste the Ozone
04. The Drunk Suite/Quicksilver Glide Devine

This U.S. E.P. collects together alternative versions of Spectrum songs unavailable in the U.K.

We Are The Wooden Houses - Song Without A Song / Class Mask

TOR072. Released April 2020.

1. Song Without a Song
2. Class Mask

The first new release by We Are The Wooden Houses (Alastair Popple and Myself) in nearly four years.

'Song Without a Song' comes from a stash of material recorded between 2015-2018 for the unreleased album 'Lair'. Pastoral ambient.

'Class Mask' was originally intended as a split single with Twin Beaks. With that project indefinitely shelved, this piece of organ and electronic hauntology now finds a new home on this release.

Artwork comes courtesy of Cumbrian illustrator Emily Ford.

Free download and limited edition CD available from Bandcamp.