Sunday, 30 June 2019

La Düsseldorf - Individuellos

Nova. 1980.

01 Menschen 1
02 Individuellos
03 Menschen 2
04 Sentimental
05 Lieber Honig 1981
06 Dampfriemen
07 Tintarella Di ...
08 Flashback
09 Das Yvönnchen

Actually released on new year's eve 1980, David Bowie described La Düsseldorf as "The soundtrack of the eighties".

You can find earlier La Düsseldorf albums on this blog.

Spiritualized - Anyway That You Want Me (Remixes)

Dedicated 1990

01 Anyway That You Want Me (Remix 1)
02 Anyway That You Want Me (Remix 2)
03 Anyway That You Want Me (Remix 3)
04 Anyway That You Want Me (Demo)

Missed off from the original posting of early Spiritualized releases.

Released alongside the debut single.

Old Weird - Bad Wires Talk

Treehouse Orchestra Recordings. TOR66. 2019.

Marc Gillen - Vocals, acoustic and electric guitars, keyboards, bass & drum machine.

David Thompson - Vocals, acoustic guitars & keyboards.


Alex Thompson - Vocals.


Catherine Reding - Bass on 'Tarzan vs IBM'.

All music by Old Weird.

Words on 'Tokyo Drifters' and 'Jean Cocteau' by David Thompson .

Words on 'Alice in the cities', 'Tarzan vs IBM' and 'Reproduction of a dead end past' by Marc Gillen.

Produced. mixed and mastered by Alastair Popple at The Kitchen Sync.

Artwork by Stephen Benson.

Recorded between the summers of 2018 and 2019.