Friday, 25 June 2021

The Jimi Hendrix Experience - Midnight


Self Made Compilation 2018

01 New Rising Sun
02 Look Over Yonder
03 Midnight
04 Red House
05 Stone Free
06 Calling All the Devil's Children
07 Hear My Train a Comin'
08 Peace in Mississippi

A fictional Hendrix album now. All material presented here was performed by The Jimi Hendrix Experience and recorded after the completion of 'Electric Ladyland' but before sessions for the final (but never completed) album.

Hendrix continued recording after the session for 'Electric Ladyland', but with no real focus in mind.
Shortly after, he would dissolve the Experience and start the funk trio Band Of Gypsys. The material from this interim period wasn't carried over for inclusion on the 'First Rays of the new Rising Sun' / 'Straight Ahead' project.

A lot of the stuff here is strong; loud, fuzzed out jams, with three instrumental tracks included. The 'Band Of Gypsys' album was handed over to the record label as a contractual obligation, this album of completed Experience tracks could of done that. 

Not that I'm complaining about 'Band Of Gypsys', it's wonderful.

Thursday, 24 June 2021

Alain Goraguer - La Planète Sauvage (Bande Sonore Originale Du Film)


Pathé 1973

01 Déshominisation (II)
02 Déshominisation (I)
03 Générique
04 Le Bracelet
05 Ten Et Tiwa
06 Maquillage De Tiwa
07 Course De Ten
08 Ten Et Medor
09 Ten Et Tiwa Dorment
10 Ten Est Assomé
11 Abite
12 Conseil Des Draags
13 Les Hommes-La Grande Co-Existence
14 La Femme
15 Mira Et Ten
16 Mort De Draag
17 L'oiseau
18 La Cité Des Hommes Libres
19 Attaque Des Robots
20 La Longue Marche-Valse Des Statues
21 Les Fusées
22 Générique
23 Strip Tease
24 Méditation Des Enfants
25 La Vieille Meurt

Thought I would post this classic. The much sampled jazz, funk, experimental soundtrack to the animated french film.

Grouper - He Knows He Knows He Knows


Collective Jyrk 2006

01 He Knows
02 He Knows
03 He Knows

Haven't posted any Grouper in a long time. An earlier release here. Guitar pedal drone experiments.

The original release was a mini CDr sold at shows on a Canadian tour. The same year also saw an even more limited version on Something on the Road records for Israel.

Finally, Grouper self released a 7" version in 2009.